Sikkim has abundant attractions for the tourists. From its amazing wildlife and biodiversity zones to vast stretches of mountains, it lures tourists from various parts of the country and abroad. However, tourists visiting this state at the foothills of Himalaya also love the natural hot springs. These hot springs are thronged by both locals and tourists for their therapeutic values. It is amazing that the water temperature of these springs can be close to 50 degree Celsius even amidst such cold, even in winter months. Some of the springs are also thought to be holy by the local tribes.

Below listed are some of the top and famous hot water springs of Sikkim. The springs are located in mountain valleys, riverside and various serene locations of Sikkim. Over the years, these spots have become favorite sightseeing destinations in the state.

Yumthang Hot Spring

North Sikkim

The famous Yumthang Hot Spring is located some distance away from Yumthang village. To reach the hot spring, one has to walk for few minutes from the road of the village and cross the pedestrian bridge on the River Lachung. For the convenience of bathers, there is a hut with two pools which contains hot spring water. The hot water rich in sulphureted hydrogen gas from the spring is diverted to the pools.

Reshi Hot Spring

Reshi, West Sikkim

Reshi Hot Spring is located about 25 km from Gyalshing, near Reshi, on the banks of the Rangeet River. The water of these springs are high in sulphur content and are believed to have special therapeutic powers for skin diseases. To enjoy the waters, there are accommodation in choices of trekkers' huts for the convenience of the tourists. Close to springs is the Kah-do Sang phu, also known as the cave of the occult fairies which is considered blessed by the local people.

Ralong and Borong Hot Springs:

Borong, South Sikkim

Cha-chu or hot sulphur springs at Ralang & Borong are traditional winter spas where visitors spend a week or more soaking in these springs that have medicinal properties. Ralang Cha-chu can be reached after a 1 hr downhill walk to the Rangit valley from the Ralang monastery. Borong Cha-chu is a 7 km drive from Ralang and a further 45-minute downhill walk. Both these hot springs are located along the banks of the river Rangit and can be visited from December to February. For overnight stays temporary huts are available at nominal rates but all bedding and cooking utensils have to be carried along. During the hot spring season, small shops selling basic vegetables & provisions are setup and the local villagers sell dairy products.

Yumesamdong Hot Spring:

Yumesamdong, North Sikkim

A 25 kilometer drive up from Yumthang takes you to the Yume Samdong Hot Spring at the base of the Donkia-la Pass. They are reputed to be more than 10 hot springs pools closely. The remote and snow covered area almost all the year round brings few people and not massive tourist crowds.