Code of Conduct for Guests!

  1. Be Friendly, Responsible and an eco-visitor.
  2. Respect local customs, beliefs, and tradition: this makes Sikkim unique.
  3. Smoking is banned in public places.
  4. Do not embarrass others by relieving yourself in public, always use toilet.
  5. Do not deface monuments, trees, and utility with graffiti.
  6. Do not encourage touts and beggars.
  7. Discourage wildlife product trade, please report to the police.
  8. Do not pluck flowers and uproot plants.
  9. Do not waste water since it is valuable resource of Himalaya.
  10. In Sikkim dumping rubbish attracts fine upto Rs. 5000 and imprisonment of six months.
  11. Do not use and ask for plastic bags.
  12. Take permission for Photography.
  13. Do not spit in public places, it's a disgusting habit that spreads diseases.
  14. Monasteries are places of worships: do not disturb monks at prayer.

Code of Conduct for Trekkers:

  1. Leave only Footprints, Take only Photographs.
  2. Do not uproots plants and flowers.
  3. Do not Disturb wild animals or its habitat.
  4. Carrying weapons and plastic are not allowed.

Entry Formalities for Foreign Tourist:

Foreigners must obtain Restricted Area Permit (RAP) From Sikkim Tourism Office, Delhi, Kolkata, Siliguri, Ramgpoo and Melli on the strength of a valid Indian Visa. The total permission duration of stay is 60 days. Initially 30 days duration permit will be issued on production of Passport and Indian Visa details along with passport sized photos. Permit can be further extend twice for 15 days each. The extension of the Permits can be obtained from Foreigners Registration Office at Gangtok and office of the Superintendent of Police at Mangan North Sikkim, Geyzing West Sikkim or Namchi South Sikkim.